LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS – MMV believes in fostering long-term relationships with our clients to better represent their interests.  We provide least-cost solutions.  This means no overbilling or litigation for the sake of litigation or to maintain the office’s overhead.  Our clients are our partners. We believe in teamwork not only inside the firm but also between the clients and the firm.  Our focus goes beyond the client’s current cases and towards benefiting their long-term well-being.

EXCELLENCE – A service of excellence is the product of habit.  We immerse ourselves in the problems of our clients, not as an academic exercise, but in search of practical solutions.  We are constantly adapting our strategies and tactics to the issues at hand.

QUICK TURNAROUND – In the digital age, problems arise on a moments notice.  Accordingly, they demand immediate attention and resolution.  We pride ourselves in attending issues on time, before they grow to unmanageable proportions.

A MIX OF EXPERIENCE AND TALENT –  The elder members of our firm count with almost 100 years of experience in several areas of the law including business and commercial consulting and litigation, in turn, they who mentor and nurture upcoming and top talent.

TECHNOLOGY – We view technology as a precision instrument that can assist in obtaining the best results for our clients at a lesser cost.  A few well thought out search terms can save client hundreds of attorney hours.  An outstanding Powerpoint presentation for opening and closing arguments can mean the difference between victory and defeat.  Thus, they are tools that our attorneys must not only use but master.