Qualifications and Representative Clients

Our firm is a nimble and effective organization with six attorneys at its core.  Through the use of technology, we allocate our resources and activity where and when needed.  Concentration of forces should not be about dumping money and time indiscriminately to overwhelm an opponent but a precise instrument to be used wisely.  Our organization has taken on litigation in cases where the claims are well over $200 million by taking advantage of the most efficient technological tools available in our trade.

In high-stakes litigation, it is common to have an overwhelming amount of evidence.  Accordingly, our attorneys are technologically adept and experienced at using advanced electronic discovery, case management, as well as trial presentation tools.  Today, electronically stored information (“ESI”) is the main source of discovery where the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of cubic feet of paper stored in warehouses are ordinarily produced.  The millennium is changing the manner in which we litigate and it is imperative to be able to efficiently separate the wheat from the chaff.  MMV uses the appropriate technological tools to achieve this. The result is higher effectiveness at less cost.

MMV has been frequently retained to work side by side with legal counsel from the mainland representing institutional clients as local co-counsel for cases being litigated on the island.  In such cases, MMV is not a mere tool to sponsor pro-hac vice admissions and file documents.  Rather, it is a member of the team who effectively maximizes synergies by providing outside firms the resources needed as well as extensive knowledge of the language, local culture, law and practices.  Among the outside firms we have worked side by side with are, among others, Hughes, Hubbard & Reed LLP; Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP; Mullin, Hoard & Brown LLP; Nossaman LLP; Reed Smith, LLP; Squire Patton Boggs LLP and others.  We can provide outside counsel with the physical space to conduct business on the island and a home away from the office to prepare for trial.